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New Judge Clinics (watch here)



A clinic is the starting point for new judges. It will see the successful person designated as a Provincial Judge Candidate providing the foundation for the candidate to work towards full certification as a Provincial Judge.

This process requires experience in the various disciplines. There is opportunity to be certified as a Provincial Judge in a specific discipline of Field, Indoor and Outdoor target, and 3D. 

The cost of the Judging course is $90 per member. Every BCAA club must have a minimum of two safety officers, Provincial Judges, or Provincial Judge Candidates (or any combination thereof).

Certification levels of the Judging program

  • Safety Officer
    • Pass online  Test (from the Archery Canada website)
    • Must have a current membership with the BCAA/Archery Canada in order for your test to be marked
  • Provincial Judge Candidate
    • Attends a weekend clinic
    • Completes an oral and written exam along with 10 case studies
    • Achieves an evaluation mark of at least 70%

·       Provincial Judge

    • Fulfils the Provincial Judge candidate requirements
    • Completes practical experience hours at registered tournaments (can be local) working alongside a qualified Provincial Judge. The practical hours are reported by the Provincial Judge to the Judge Chair. The candidate may be required to obtain practical hours at BC Provincial Championships
    • Target certification requires experience in both Indoor and Outdoor Target competitions. Field certification requires experience at an AC registered Field event. 3D certification requires experience at a Provincial Outdoor 3D Championship. Obtaining any/all certifications requires working with a fully certified Provincial Judge at the events. The Provincial Judge must report to the Provincial Judge Chair indicating that you did a satisfactory job at the event along with a recommendation whether further experience is required
    • Certification as a Provincial Judge will be granted by the Provincial Judge Chair and reported to the Membership Secretary

Rule Book

  • BCAA rules follow Archery Canada Tir à l'Arc rules exactly with the exceptions noted below. Archery Canada Tir à l'Arc rules and links to useful Archery Canada Tir à l'Arc and IFAA rules and reference materials may be found at Archery Canada Rules pages.
  • BCAA_Rules_of_Shooting 2015/7/31


This page last updated: Thursday February 02, 2017