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The Pacific Sport Group is comprised of multi-sport athlete training centres throughout British Columbia, including Greater Victoria, Greater Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Interior BC, Northern BC, Vancouver Island. (Details are on their web site see below).

Form of Assistance: Free access to various programs including massage therapy, athletic therapy, physiotherapy, chiropractic, sport psychology, physiology, biomechanics, sport nutrition, strength and conditioning, gym access, medical monitoring by physicians, including fitness testing, injury treatment and recovery. Also special offers on food and transportation as well as career counseling and employment assistance and seminars.

Eligibility: Pacific Sport seems to be working out their eligibility at the present time so it is best to check with the centre nearest you. Roughly the levels are as follows: Gold: National Senior Archery Team (with restrictions). Silver: National Junior Archery Team and some National Team members Bronze: Provincial Elite archers as nominated by BCAA.

How to Apply: Contact your area Centre to set up an intake appointment

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ATHLETE ASSOCIATION OF CANADA (AthletesCan) (back to top)

This is an organization of Canada's National Team athletes (Details are available on their web site although they are reworking the site soon - see below)

Form of Assistance: publications, free cellular phone and reduced calling rates, annual conference, free legal assistance, bursaries, public speaking training, newsletter.

Eligibility: Must be a member of the Senior National Archery Team (i.e. gold excellence member or who meets certain team selection criteria)

How to Apply: Team members are automatically members

Further information: , 1-888-832-4222 Email:


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