Guest and Short-term Participant Guidelines

As of June 1, 2014 the Insurers modified their eligibility criteria to insure “guests” (short term participants) under the program. This was done to overcome insurance concerns and to allow more people to experience the sport. In the past, there had never been a provision in Archery Canada (AC) or the BC Archery Association for a visitor or guest.

The attached policy, “Guest and short-term participants insurance policy”, sets out guidelines and operating procedures for the application of this new program.

BC Archery has covered the participant fees for 2014 through 2017 (up to October 31st). Fees for 2018 and future years may be passed on to the clubs, which would include the participants reported from November 1 through October 31 of the reporting year.  It has been rumored that BC Archery would be up-charging the fee charged by the Insurer/Archery Canada. This is FALSE. BC Archery does not, nor did it ever, consider doing so.  BC Archery is suggesting the Clubs charge $2.00 per guest per visit to cover Insurer fee and club administration costs—see details of this in the Guest policy itself.

We ask the clubs to send us, by October 31st, the number of guest-participants they have had during the period of November 1 through October 31, along with a copy of their registers (as per the above-referenced Policy).  After receiving the invoice from Archery Canada with regard to the current years' fees, we may forward an invoice to each of the member clubs for their portion of the fees. This will happen early in the new year. BC Archery has, thus far, paid these fees on behalf of the clubs--no invoices have been sent up to and including the 2017 submission.  

This information should assist the clubs in determining the appropriate fee to charge to cover the insurer’s cost and administration of the register.