Athlete Funding

Funding for our Performance level BC Archery athletes in Target, Field and 3D comes from various sources and the amount payable to our athletes varies each funding year. ("Performance level" is defined as Cadet and older).

Some athlete funding is generated from our BC Archery Association membership fees and some funding comes directly from our viaSport partners.  Each funding stream has specific eligibility and reporting requirements.

All recipients of funding must be in good standing with the BC Archery Association. Applicants must be working with a coach (minimum certification of Instruction of Intermediate-old Level2) and submit a training plan as part of the application for funding. If you are unsure of your coach's certification level, you can ask for their NCCP# and verify their status through their Public Transcript.

Some years the top athletes based on Archery Canada Squad ranking will be awarded funding without needing to apply.This additional funding is not always available so if you want funding make sure you apply. Squad ranking is included as part of the pay-outs for those athletes who do apply for funding as long as it has been included on the log.

Types of athlete funding available and application requirements

Types of Coach funding available and application requirements

How do I apply?

Complete the Athlete Funding Application form and complete the log of events or attach a separate activity log, and along with your training plan, send the documents to the Athlete Development Chair  no later than January 31 of the year following the application year.  For example, keep a log of all tournaments and clinics, performance team participation, include your final AC squad ranking and final mail match and, where applicable, your performance at those events including any records set in that year. The log and or training plan can be for a full calendar year or just a season and submitted no later than January 31 of the following year.  Funding will only be considered for the time frame of the plan whether it is a Yearly Training Plan or a seasonal plan. Need a training plan template?

All applications are held until January 31.  BC Archery will determine which funding stream(s) the athlete is eligible for based on the established requirements. Funding payments are processed by March 1.

How much funding will I get?

Funding payouts vary based on the athletes log, how many athletes apply and the available funds for that funding year.

If I make a Team such as Canada Winter Games or BC Winter Games or a BC Team at Nationals, how do I get funding?

Athletes selected for Team BC to participate at the Canada Winter Games will have all costs associated with the event (uniforms, travel, accommodations & meals) organized and covered. Athletes selected for the BC Winter Games Teams are required to pay for the Team Uniform and the event registration fee and will receive 50%-100% of the registration fees back following the event. Travel, accommodations & meals are provided by the Games society. 

Athletes who are selected to represent BC at the Archery Canada Outdoor National Championships will initially cover all their own costs and then will receive funding to partially cover those costs without needing to apply.  This includes the 3-D Team and the Target Team.

The amount of funding  for our National Teams varies based on where Nationals are held and the criteria of the 3-D and Target Team Programs.  The coordinators of the National Team programs will submit for the National Team funding payments soon after you return from the event.  Please refer to the individual program documents on the BC Archery Association website.

Questions regarding Athlete Funding?  Contact the Athlete Development Chair